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Condo Association Insurance

At Northeast-MetroWest Insurance Agency, you can rely on us to be your trusted local insurance agency and help provide you with the coverage your condominium association needs. We are an independent insurance agency, we help match an association’s need and query multiple insurance providers to find them the best policy. As an independent insurance agency, this is our specialty.

How Does it Work?

Because of the shared ownership arrangement that comes with purchasing a condo unit, owners in the condo complex must form a condominium owners’ association, which will then oversee the management of the building. This is if an association is not already formed. If an association is already in place, typically new unit owners agree to become part of the existing association. 

No matter how big the condo complex is, the association is responsible for making decisions for the building, managing expenses, making repairs and making sure that buildings are properly insured in case of a loss.

However, the owner’s association provided to you may not have the coverage you need for your individual condo. For example, the association master policy typically provides coverage for common areas of a condo complex, including hallways, elevators, sidewalks, roofs, and basements, and for building equipment, such as boilers and machinery. Condo unit owners are usually responsible for insuring everything within their individual units. If you are a condo owner, you do not want to leave your home and your personal belongings uninsured. Owning a condo is an expensive venture, and it’s essential to ensure this asset. To see our Personal Condominium Insurance options click here. 

Let us Help you Find the Perfect Policy for your Association

With Northeast-MetroWest Insurance Agency, our team can work with your association to assure you have the correct policies in place. One of our experienced agents that specializes in Condominium Associations can ensure there are no gaps in your coverage, so you won’t have to worry. Give us a call at 800-443-7007. We look forward to working with you.

Since 1989, Northeast-MetroWest Insurance Agency has provided reliable insurance services in Massachusetts. We work with 25 insurance carriers to help you find an insurance policy that covers your association’s specific needs. We offer a personal touch to ensure that your belongings and assets are safe and secure. Click the button below to receive a Free Condominium Association Insurance Quote.