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Motorcycle Insurance

At Northeast-MetroWest Insurance Agency, you can rely on us to be your trusted local insurance agency and help provide you with the coverage you need. We are an independent insurance agency, we help match our clients with the right insurance provider with a tailored policy to fit their needs. We offer many automobile insurance options, including Motorcycle Insurance.

If you enjoy long rides cruising through New England towns or you enjoy riding through the countryside with your friends on sunny days, you need to make sure that your motorcycle is insured. Whether you are regularly out riding your motorcycle or you only ride on special occasions, having the proper coverage is vital. Keep reading for things to keep in mind as you look for Motorcycle Insurance.

Liability Insurance

As a biker, you know there are a lot of risks to owning and riding a motorcycle. As you are more exposed to the elements and less likely to be seen by other vehicles, accidents are common. This is why liability coverage is important, as it will protect you if you are found at fault for the cause of an accident. It will cover the costs of medical bills, damages done to the vehicles, and possibly lost wages if an individual is unable to return to work while they are recovering. This coverage can also help you with legal fees in case of a lawsuit.

Collision Coverage

If you have taken out a loan on your motorcycle, then you may have been required to have the bike under collision coverage. This kind of coverage helps to cover the costs of any damages done to your bike if you were to be hit by another vehicle. It also covers damages done if you were to fall off of your bike. If you find that this insurance is costing you more than the motorcycle is worth, then you may wish to reach out to Northeast- Metro West Insurance. Still, it is recommended that you keep this type of coverage.

Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

This coverage protects you and any passengers in the event of a collision with an uninsured, or underinsured, driver. It can help cover costs of damages done to your motorcycle in case the other driver’s insurance will not cover those costs.

Medical Payments Coverage

As mentioned before, riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous activity. Having medical payments coverage helps cover any necessary medical treatments necessary after an accident on your bike occurs. It will cover you as the driver and any passengers. This is a great coverage option especially if you do not have health insurance.

Since 1989, Northeast- MetroWest Insurance has provided reliable insurance services in Massachusetts. We work with 25 insurance carriers to help you find an insurance policy that covers your specific needs. Please click below for a Free Motorcycle Insurance Quote.