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Workers Compensation Insurance

At Northeast-MetroWest Insurance Agency, you can rely on us to be your trusted insurance agency and help provide you with the coverage you need. As we are an independent insurance agency, we help match our clients with the right insurance provider with a tailored policy to fit their needs. We offer multiple business insurance options, including Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Who Needs Workers Compensation Insurance?

Most states require businesses to have workers compensation available for all workers, even those who are only temporary. In the state of Massachusetts, it is required that every business carry workers compensation even if there is only one hired employee within the business. There are limited exemptions, unless your employees are in domestic service and work less than 16 hours a week. In Connecticut, once a company’s employees exceed the number of owners, then that company must offer workers compensation. Each state’s regulations are different, but consider it a necessity for most businesses in order to protect both the employer and employees.

For Employees

If you’ve been injured while in the workplace, then workers compensation insurance coverage can help provide the cost of medical care, as well as make up for lost wages. It is meant to serve as a peace of mind for you as an employee, knowing that you will be helped financially if a medical emergency were to arise. After you have sustained an injury, seek necessary medical attention. Then, report your injury or illness to your workplace. It is the responsibility of your employer to report the claim. Keep in contact with your employer regarding the status of your recovery. As you continue through the claim process, you will need to fill out multiple forms. When you are approved to return to work, let your employer know the date of your return.

For Employers
Employers can also be set at ease with workers compensation insurance, knowing that their employees will be taken care of as the need arises. It also protects you from civil litigation costs. Having this process set in place will help you to know exactly what steps to take when an injury or illness occurs within the workplace.
Is All Workers Compensation Insurance the Same?

Because this type of insurance is required by each state, there are certain standards within this coverage. However, there are a variety of services offered from different insurance providers. It is a matter of finding the right coverage for you and your employees. Northeast-MetroWest Insurance Agency will help you discover what policy is best for your business while getting you the best cost.

Since 1989, Northeast-MetroWest Insurance Agency has provided reliable insurance services in Massachusetts. We work with 25 insurance carriers to help you find an insurance policy that covers your companies specific needs. We offer a personal touch to ensure that your belongings and assets are safe and secure. Click the button below to receive a Free Workers Compensation Insurance Quote.