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Personal Umbrella Insurance

At Northeast-MetroWest Insurance Agency, you can rely on us to be your trusted local insurance agency and help provide you with the coverage you need. We are an independent insurance agency, we help match our clients with the right insurance provider with a tailored policy to fit their needs. We offer many personal insurance options, including Personal Umbrella Insurance.

Life always throws us curveballs. From car accidents injuring others to your neighbors suing you because your animal accidentally bit them, your basic insurance coverage may not cover all the damages and medical expenses. Before you have to deal with the loss of time and money, have you considered getting an additional insurance plan that will kick in and help with these extra charges? That is where Personal Umbrella Insurance comes in.

What is personal umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is personal liability insurance that covers large financial events that your homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance does not cover. For example, you cause a ten-car accident, and your auto insurance is not high enough to replace all the cars and their medical bills. Umbrella insurance could then take over and cover the additional charges. A huge benefit to consider when looking at umbrella insurance is that it can be very affordable with the premiums being as low as a few dollars per day. It also works in situations of false imprisonment, slander and libel.

What events or situations does it cover?

There are many events and situations that fall under the coverage of umbrella insurance. Some examples normally included are car accidents harming other drivers, guests that get injured at parties or events you hold, flooding your neighbors home, your dog accidentally biting your neighbor, and more. While you think your other insurances like homeowner’s, renter’s, and auto cover these damages, you will learn that there are typically exclusions for these types of examples. That is where Northeast- Metro West Insurance can help you find the correct Personal Umbrella Insurance.

What does "all covered" mean when referencing umbrella insurance?

Your standard umbrella insurance will normally cover your residential property, motorized vehicles, and boats. However, you can add additional coverage on optional objects and properties like recreational vehicles, vacation homes, vacant land, and more.

Northeast- Metro West Insurance can help you find the right coverage for all your real estate and belongings.

How is NE Insure’s umbrella insurance different from others?

At Northeast- MetroWest Insurance Agency, we can match our customers’ needs and utilize quotes from multiple insurance providers to find them the best policy for their specific needs. You do not need to research because we have you covered. While our umbrella insurance covers everything listed above, we will only match you with insurance that best fits your needs and assets.

Do not let accidents in life cause a huge financial burden. Instead, prepare yourself and your family with personal umbrella insurance. For more information or to receive a Free Personal Umbrella Insurance Quote today, click the button below.