7 Ways to Care for Your ATV

7 Ways to Care for Your ATV

Maybe you use your ATV for transportation, for work or just plain fun. Whatever the case may be, you should take care of it so that you can continue to enjoy it for many years to come. Here are seven ways to care for your ATV.

1. Check all bolts and screws before you ride.

This may seem like common sense, but over time, bolts and screws can be jarred loose or vibrated out of their holes. If this happens while riding, serious damage could occur, such as the handlebars coming off!

To care for your ATV, check that all bolts are tight after every ride. Also, check for loose footpegs, the front and rear racks and the throttle. It is a very important safety check you should never skip.

2. Check all fluids before you ride.

Change the oil in your engine at least every other year or after 100 hours of riding time, whichever comes first. If it’s been over 100 hours since your last change, do it immediately!

When checking oil levels, look for any signs of water or coolant in the oil. In extreme cases, water or coolant in the oil means a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head.

You should also inspect your gearbox oil and brake fluid level and adjust your belt tensioner if necessary while performing this inspection. It is a job that you should either do yourself or have a mechanic do to make sure the job gets done properly.

3. Inspect your brakes.

Another way to care for your ATV is to take off your wheels and check out your brakes for any signs of damage or wear. If you have a broken brake lever, you don’t want to find out by performing some fancy wheelies. So, this is something you should inspect regularly.

If you notice ANY damage, replace them immediately! If they are just worn down, it’s best practice to replace them as soon as possible rather than waiting until they completely fail on you while riding.

4. Inspect all electrical cords and wires.

One common cause of ATV accidents traces back to loose wiring harnesses on the machine. It’s easy to avoid this mishap by simply crawling underneath the machine and tightening any loose wiring harnesses before you ride off into the sunset.

5. Inspect your tires for wear.

It is crucial to watch your tire treads since they are responsible for keeping your ATV under control during turns or shifting weight while riding at high speeds. The last thing you want is a blowout when cruising down a hillside!

Your best bet is to check your tire pressure weekly so you can stay ahead of any developing problems.

6. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

An ATV service manual is required reading for any rider who wants to maintain his machine. The manual will tell you when to get your oil changed and how often, depending on what type of terrain and weather conditions your ATV is stored.

7. Keep vehicle clean.

Dirt build-up makes parts wear faster, causing poor performance and gas mileage. It is particularly bad for the ATV engine, caking up in the carburetor or on the valves. To keep it looking sharp, make sure you wash it every so often. A clean bike will start better, run smoother and last longer.

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