Alternative Energy: Will My Insurance Cover Solar Panels?

Solar PanelsIn your neighborhood, there’s a strong likelihood you’ve seen more and more of your neighbors installing solar panels onto their homes. Benefits of solar panels include a greener home with reduced monthly utility bills. Although the price of solar panel installation has steadily decreased each year, homeowners should still be cautious about whether or not their investment will be protected under their insurance policies.

Inclusion in Homeowner’s Policy

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the general guideline is that if the solar panels are attached directly to the structure or structures covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy, then the panels will be included in your plan. If the solar panels are freestanding or connected to a structure that is not included in your policy, coverage may be limited or non-existent.

Important Considerations When Insuring Solar Panels

Your current homeowners’ insurance policy may automatically protect your installed panels, but there could also be coverage limitations. For instance, if your solar panels are destroyed due to a weather-related event and the cost to replace them is above your coverage limits, you may have to pay the repair costs out of pocket.

Furthermore, after the installation takes place, there could be issues that arise that affect your coverage under your current homeowners’ insurance policy. For instance, the U.S. Department of Energy warns that roof penetrations that occurred during the install could affect your insurance coverage for your roof.

Since Massachusetts can have unpredictable weather, you must choose a reputable solar panel manufacturer who meets the minimum snow and wind loads in their product designs. Even so, because of the higher likelihood of damage sustained to the panels during storms, many homeowners’ insurance policies are now including windstorm deductibles. There may also be an increase in your monthly premiums to guarantee your investment is well protected.

Massachusetts’s residents are encouraged to consult with an insurance agent to discuss any changes required to their homeowners’ policy before scheduling the installation of solar panels. If you have any questions on whether or not your policy covers solar panels, contact us at (800) 443-7007 or email us at

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