Back to School: Bus Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

Back to School: Bus Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

“Ready or not, it’s that time of year again – back to school season! Back-to-school safety is a priority this time of year. Parents and kids often think of carpooling, walking to school, or riding the bus. While all of these methods have their own set of safety rules, there’s one mode of transportation that deserves special attention: the school bus.

 Most children will ride a school bus at some point, whether for field trips or regular routes to and from school. Parents need to discuss bus safety with their children as the new school year begins. Teaching kids the importance of safety on the bus can help prevent accidents and injuries.

There are many benefits to teaching children about bus safety and encouraging good behavior on the bus. For one, it can help prevent accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 17,000 school-age children are injured in school bus-related accidents yearly.

Bus Safety Tips for parents and kids to help ensure a safe ride for your child:

Encourage good behavior on the bus: Remind your child that riding the bus is a privilege and that they must behave accordingly. Reinforce good behavior with praise and positive reinforcement.

Remind kids about proper boarding and exiting procedures: Review how to board and exit the bus with your child properly. Emphasize the importance of staying in their seat and holding onto the handrail while exiting.

 Discuss the dangers of horseplay or sticking body parts outside the bus: Explain to your child that horseplay on the bus can result in serious injuries. Remind them to keep their hands and feet inside the bus.

Highlight the need for caution while crossing the street before and after getting off the bus: Teach your child to look both ways before crossing the road, even if a crossing guard is present. Once they’ve exited the bus, remind them to stay close to it until it’s time to cross.

 Promote open communication between parents, school staff, and bus drivers: If you have any concerns about your child’s safety on the bus, communicate with school staff or the bus driver. By working together, we can help keep all kids safe on their

 Promote Bus Safety All Year Long

Bus Safety is essential to an excellent kick-off to the new school year. Communicating with your child and sharing the importance of safety for themselves and others will make for a successful ( and stress-free!) year! We wish all our friends a great school year of learning and fun! Please stop by our Facebook page by clicking here for more tips to keep your family safe!

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