Bonfire Safety Tips

Bonfire Safety Tips

Let’s be real: Any season is the best for bonfire safety tips. But summer is when most people want to gather around a roaring fire with good food and even better company. So that’s why we’re giving you our top tips for staying safe while enjoying your summertime fun. But you can use these bonfire safety tips year-round!

1. Choose the right location.

When you’re picking a spot for your bonfire, make sure you’re not too close to any structures like buildings or trees. You’ll also want to avoid dry areas where the fire could easily spread. The best location for a bonfire is on a beach, in a park, or in a wide-open space.

2. Build a fire pit.

If you’re building a fire from scratch, make it in a designated fire pit. It will help contain the flames and prevent them from spreading. If you don’t have a fire pit, create one by digging a hole in the ground and surrounding it with rocks.

If you’re about to build a fire near your vacation home, it’s important to know how to make sure you open your seasonal home properly first.

3. Use enough fuel, but not too much.

A bonfire needs a lot of fuel to keep it going, so be sure to use plenty of wood. Use lighter fluid or any other type of accelerant sparingly. You don’t want the flames to get out of control.

4. Keep an eye on the wind.

Make sure you keep an eye on the wind direction when you’re building your fire. You don’t want the smoke blowing into your face or any nearby buildings. If the wind is strong, it could also cause the fire to spread.

5. Supervise children and pets.

If you have young children or pets, ensure they’re always supervised around the fire. They should never be left alone near the flames.

6. Don’t leave the fire unattended.

Never leave your bonfire unattended. Even if you think it’s extinguished, there could still be hot embers lurking beneath the ashes. Make sure to douse the fire with water before you leave to make sure it’s completely out.

7. Keep a safe distance.

Always keep a safe distance from the fire. It can not only be dangerous to get too close, but the heat can also be intense.

8. Keep proper fire utensils nearby.

You’ll also want to keep a poker, fire safety gloves, shovel and water nearby if you need to extinguish the fire.

9. Don’t throw trash in the fire.

It might seem like a good idea to get rid of your trash by throwing it in the fire, but it’s actually very dangerous. Not only can it cause the fire to spread, but it can also release harmful toxins into the air.

10. Enjoy responsibly.

Bonfires can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to enjoy them responsibly. Following these bonfire safety tips can help ensure everyone is happy with the experience while staying safe.

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