Creating A Fire Safety Plan For Your Business

Fires are never expected and can destroy people’s lives and businesses. For that reason, a fire plan at your business is needed to make sure that everyone is safe and that there is the best possible outcome. Fire plans may sound tedious, but you never know when you need them. 

These safety plans need to be known by all, and higher-up staff members need to know the procedure inside out and their roles if a disaster ever strikes. Fire plans have a few essential vital areas, like making sure the fire alarm is pulled, firefighters are contacted, and everyone evacuates and is accounted for. 

Supervisory staff should have a leading role in the fire plan, especially when taking the headcounts of their teams to ensure that no one was left behind. Going over the nearest exits and ways to safely leave the building in the case of the fire should be information that the supervisory staff spreads to other staff members. 

Exit maps and fire alarms should be evident and frequent throughout the building. The emergency exit maps distributed throughout the building should have marked the meeting spot outside for all workers and teams to meet to make sure that everyone is out of the building. 

All workplace staff should leave their belongings behind in the case of a fire and quickly exit the building. Managers should keep calm, guide employees through the exits, and make sure that no one is left and everyone makes it out. Anyone in a higher-up position should be staying relaxed and calm as these situations can become high stakes when everyone is hysterical. 

Lastly, the best practice for a great fire safety plan is to conduct drills and meetings to practice if there ever was an emergency. Practice makes perfect and while you hope you never have to use your fire safety plan, having everyone on the same page is a huge relief. 

It is always best to be prepared, have a Fire Safety Plan in place, and make sure your Commercial Property, Workers Compensation, and General Liability Insurance policies are up to date.

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