Ensuring Your Valuables on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an optimum time for expressing devotion to those we love. Common demonstrations include flowers, chocolates, apparel, or jewelry. It is estimated that American consumers will spend over $18 billion on these tokens of affection. With that in mind, Protecting your valuables on valentine’s day should be a priority.

If you choose to invest in a gift of permanence and value this Valentine’s day, consider protecting your investment by insuring your valuables. Standard homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies provide coverage for personal property under broad categories such as fire or theft. The coverage for standard policies tends to limit or exclude certain items that you may assume are covered.

Many policies have a $1,000-$2,000 allowance for jewelry. They may not provide for incidents known as “mysterious disappearances,” such as falling down a drain or slipping beyond reach.

An insurance endorsement (otherwise known as a rider) offers increased coverage for your prized possessions at a reasonable additional premium. These endorsements assure peace of mind that your investment is well protected.

Guard yourself and your loved one by fully insuring what is most valuable to you. Take the following steps to assure your best level of protection:

Review Your Insurance Policy

Knowledge is power. Carefully review your current policy to determine if your valuables are covered and the level of compensation allowed. Understand limitations and exclusions and the level of compensation available.

Have Your Valuables Appraised

Some possessions increase in value over time. Enlist professional assistance in knowing the value of each item in question. Record the findings of the appraisal and keep them in a secured place away from the items themselves.

Create a Home Inventory

Be well aware of what you have and a way to communicate the inventory to your insurer. Remember to inventory all areas of your home, including garages, attics, and antique and coin collections. Include copies of receipts and appraisals when possible.

Your special someone deserves a gift that will endure over time, even in the event of theft or disaster. Turn to trained professionals for guidance in selecting a policy that is right for you.

Northeast – Metro West Insurance Agency has offered superior service to the Massachusetts area since 1989. We offer home, umbrella, and valuable items insurance policies that meet the needs of almost every situation. We represent 25 insurance carriers, guaranteeing the most appropriate and cost-effective placement for our carriers. We understand how important your treasures are to you and strive to provide premium protection. Contact NE Insurance this Valentine’s season in order to protect what you truly value.

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