Top Home Security Tips

Securing your home is the most critical resource in your life: shelter. If you’ve got kids, they sleep there. Your valuables are there. For many, the tools of your trade that allow you to earn your daily bread are within those four walls or on the property.

Having a home of your own comes with the responsibility to secure it against theft and home invasion, and making sure you and yours stay safe and this can be easily accomplished with some planning and a few changes in how you maintain your property and your daily routine. Let’s discuss some easy home security tips that will help you protect what’s yours and keep your family safe.

1. Chat Up Your Local Constabulary

More and more towns and cities are sponsoring events for members of the community who can meet with police officers under informal circumstances. Request a home security inspection at your residence to see if you are vulnerable to recent break-in trends that may be occurring in your town or city. Law enforcement officers are a fantastic resource for how to best secure your home.

2. Landscape for Safety

Your landscaping fixtures around your yard and next to the house itself may be providing a place where thieves can easily hide while casing your home or attempting a break in. Make sure you keep your landscaping design open and allow for clear sightlines from the road and the house. Trim back overgrowth to minimize the potential for hiding spots, too.

3. Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting

Nobody wants to attempt unauthorized access to a well-lit property. Installing motion activated lights around your home is an inexpensive home security measure and makes it easy to discourage theft since it automatically eliminates shadowy hiding places around your property.

4. Reach Out to Your Neighbors

Fences may make good neighbors, but watching out for each other’s homes and property makes for better ones. An important home security step you can take is to talk to your neighbors about activity in your neighborhood. Try to establish mutual agreements regarding watching each other’s homes when you are away.

5. Don’t Forget to Secure Outdoor Valuables

Thieves love unguarded and unprotected sheds, garages, and carports. They provide easy hiding and access to expensive and easy to move valuables like lawn mowers, barbecue grills, bikes, and other outdoor equipment. Light those areas well, and secure them with strong padlocks locks and other security measures.

6. Have a Vacation Security Plan

Call the Postal Service and have them hold your mail so it doesn’t pile up. Stop newspaper delivery if you subscribe to one. Talk to a neighbor about removing flyers from your property while you are away so they don’t accumulate. Pay the local lawn care expert to cut your grass or remove snow while you’re out of town. Minimize any chance that potential burglars and thieves will see telltale signs that you are out of town.

Follow these easy tips, and you can rest easy in knowing that your valuables and property are secure when you aren’t at home.

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