Uninsured Handyman and Landscapers: Dangers You Should Know

Uninsured Handyman and Landscapers: Dangers You Should Know

Having a contractor on speed dial is necessary if you are a homeowner or an entrepreneur. A home or business is a depreciating asset, which means it loses value over time primarily because of wear and tear.

If you want to keep your property well-maintained, it’s crucial to call experts that can help preserve its structural integrity. Unfortunately, most property owners tend to gravitate toward contractors, landscapers, or handymen offering cheap services. After all, why pay more when you could get the job with less?

But here’s the thing: if the service is too cheap, something’s wrong.

Either they are not skilled enough, lack sophisticated equipment or, worse, don’t have the proper insurance coverage to operate. If the latter’s the case, you could face a mountain of bills if the service goes south, and we’ll explain why.

Keep reading because this article will explore why home or business owners should beware of uninsured handyman and landscapers.

Risks Associated with Landscaping and Other Maintenance Services

Maintenance services are not easy. If it were, the government would not require licenses and certifications from contractors and laborers before they can legally operate.

Any maintenance work, whether repairs, installations or landscaping, comes with associated risks. And we’ll give a brief overview of the dangers if you hire underinsured or uninsured handyman and landscapers:

Property damage

Accidental damage to property, like broken windows, dented surfaces, or structural damage, can happen during contracting work.

Injury to workers

Workers may face injuries, such as sprains, strains, cuts, or more severe accidents like falls or machinery-related incidents.

Accidents involving tools or equipment

Mishandling or accidents involving tools, machinery, or equipment can lead to worker injuries or property damage.

Slips and falls

Roofing or tree work involves working at heights, increasing the risk of falls and serious injuries.

Electrical hazards

Working with electrical systems or near power lines can expose workers to the risk of electric shocks, electrocution, or fires.

Worker misconduct

Aside from hurting themselves or others on the job, unethical behavior is also risky. This could be theft or misconduct by laborers or contractors on the job site.

Hiring uninsured contractors puts you at risk of being liable for any damages or injuries related to the service.

The Importance of Liability Insurance for Homeowners

Look, we get it.

Hiring a teenage babysitter or your neighbor’s kid is more budget-friendly. Plus, you can help them earn some cash to support their schooling. However, doing so opens your doors to possible legal headaches and financial burdens if they suffer injuries.

This is where liability insurance for homeowners comes in.

Pro tip: Consider a homeowner’s policy if you have a penchant for hiring an uninsured handyman or landscaper. According to our friends at Safety Insurance, here are the benefits of liability insurance for homeowners:

  • Legal representation if sued
  • Payment of legal fees (depending on the terms and conditions)
  • Coverage for medical expenses
  • Compensation for accidental property damage

Best Practices When Hiring Skilled Laborers or Contractors

All things being equal, homeowners and property managers always gravitate to the lowest bidder. But if the price is too low, always investigate why.

Most of the time, cheap services happen because of a lack of insurance. So, what insurance coverage should you look for?

Insurance coverage that contractors must have


Workers’ Compensation

This provides coverage for injuries or illnesses sustained by workers on the job, ensuring that the homeowner or business owner is not held financially responsible for medical expenses or lost wages.

General Liability

This insurance protects against property damage or injuries caused by the contractor’s work.

Auto Liability

This covers accidents or damages that occur while transporting materials or while using vehicles for work-related purposes.

Uninsured handymen and landscapers can be a big problem. It is always best to ask for a current insurance certificate and keep it on file for any contractors performing work on your property.

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