Five ways to stay safe on your motorcycle

Five ways to stay safe on your motorcycle!

The sun is out, and the weather is nice! While everyone is happy about that, there are non-happier than motorcycle riders. Motorcycle enthusiasts are sure to be hitting the road and enjoying every bit of fair-weather conditions. With that in mind, we want to ensure that everyone can stay safe while riding. So, Northeast Insurance is giving you some essential tips to follow when out on the road!

Five ways to stay safe on your motorcycle!

  1. Ensure you ride your motorcycle with the proper gear.

Leaving the restricting motorcycle coat or helmet at home may feel more comfortable, but it’s the furthest thing from safe. Without the protection of a car, the only way to stay safe is with your gear! If you don’t wear it, you’re voluntarily making yourself vulnerable.

Ensure that you have the proper jacket, helmet, pants, and boots before leaving for a ride.

  1. Don’t get too enthusiastic about riding.

Many times, enthusiasm leads to reaching out of your comfort zone. That’s good in life, but not on a motorcycle. Riding, you want to stay inside of your comfort zone to ensure you don’t reach outside of your abilities.

When exploring too far outside of your abilities, you’re likely to make a mistake— leading to an accident.

This also applies to riding in bad weather. Whether you’ve done it before or not, you shouldn’t be riding unless the weather permits it.

  1. Check your motorcycle before leaving.

It’s so tempting to just head out on your way. But what if you had a broken brake light and you didn’t know? That could end badly. So before leaving, it’s wise to do a thorough check on your motorcycle. Check the engine, all lights, tires and fluids.

  1. Ride defensively.

This applies to all people on the road– but more so to motorcycle riders. There’s no way that you can know for sure what someone will do on the road. Or what they can see. You can only take your best guest. So, never assume someone sees you. Instead, always ensure that you can avoid them without the danger, even if they were to swerve.

  1. If you’re upset, stay home.

Everyone is prone to “mood-swings” of anger or distress. But riding a motorcycle is no time to deal with those feelings. If there’s a chance that your judgment is impaired, stay home.

Put these Five ways to stay safe on your motorcycle into practice.


Once you have all of these tips committed to habit, there’s one more that you should consider. That’s getting the right coverage. At Northeast – MetroWest Insurance Agency, we have the right policies to cover you in the worst case. Click this link to learn more.

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