Why Rotaries are Becoming More Popular?

Why Rotaries are Becoming More Popular?

New England cities and towns are replacing traditional intersections with rotaries as they continue to grow and expand. With places around the globe seeking to update their infrastructure, street rotaries have become a popular choice because they are efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why street rotaries are becoming more popular and how they can help make our city streets safer and easier to navigate.

Let’s dive in!

What are Rotaries?

Rotaries, or “roundabouts” are a type of traffic circulation system that has proven to be highly effective for managing traffic flow. It makes the intersections safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

Roundabouts work by having vehicles travel through the intersection in a counter-clockwise direction, taking turns yielding to other vehicles at the central island.

By eliminating the need for traffic signals or stops, rotaries reduce delays and create more efficient intersections while also providing safer crossings for pedestrians using designated crossings.

With their superior safety record, rotaries provide an ideal solution to improve the flow of traffic while increasing safety on our roads.

Additionally, they can be designed with aesthetic features such as landscaping and decorative fountains that help enhance their surroundings.

The Benefits and Facts About Rotaries

There are many reasons why more and more state and town officials are moving towards roundabouts or rotaries instead of traditional lighted intersections.

Here are some of the benefits of having rotaries:

1. It Prevents Collision

Traditional intersections with stop signs and traffic signals are more prone to collisions. Some of the most common causes of accidents are the following:

  • Bicycle and pedestrian collisions.
  • An oncoming vehicle collides with a motorcycle, particularly when it’s turning across traffic.
  • Accidents involve right-angle collisions (often occurring at high speeds), in which neither the motorcycle nor the vehicle is turning.
  • Turning collisions is when one or more vehicles or motorcycles collide at right angles.
  • Rear-end crashes.

As vehicles travel through intersections at high speeds, these collisions can be severe. By traveling in the same direction and at low speeds, roundabouts eliminate this type of potentially serious crash.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, rotaries are one of nine proven safety countermeasures.

Rotary provides a number of safety benefits, as described below:

  • It is estimated that there will be fewer crashes, 90% fewer fatalities, and 75% fewer injuries
  • Pedestrian/bicycle crashes would decrease by 10-40%
  • It is safer to drive on roundabouts if you are a beginner driver

2. Reduces Traffic Congestion

Rotaries are a great tool for reducing traffic congestion in busy urban areas. They allow vehicles to turn without the need for lengthy waits at red lights and stop signs, allowing cars to quickly enter and exit the intersection. This reduces overall wait times and can help prevent gridlock from occurring.

3. It Benefits Older Drivers

A roundabout may be more intimidating to older drivers, but they also have the advantage of increasing safety.

The number of traffic accidents involving senior drivers at intersections is higher than those involving other age groups. In 2019, 40 percent of fatalities involving multiple vehicles at intersections occurred among drivers 80 and older, compared to 20 percent for drivers 16-59.

In summary, road rotaries are causing a stir in the transportation industry today.

This new adaptation to infrastructure has the potential to drastically reduce congestion while increasing mobility and safety along roads. As traffic engineers continue to look for creative solutions to reduce our reliance on cars, rotaries will undoubtedly play an integral role in their success.

The possibilities that exist with adding more of these intersections make it hard for anyone to deny the future pathways they may lead us down.

Rotaries are truly a great way to improve safety measures on the road. However, operating a vehicle on any road comes with a risk.

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