High-Value Insurance: What is it for?

High-Value Insurance: What is it for?

When most people hear the term “high-value insurance,” they assume it’s only for the wealthy. However, high-value insurance is for more than people with significant net worth. Instead, it is designed for individuals with unique properties, assets, and lifestyles not covered by standard insurance policies. High-value insurance can benefit anyone who wants to protect their valuable and irreplaceable assets in the event of unexpected loss or damage.

In this post, we will explore high-value insurance and what it is for. We’ll examine the different types of high-value insurance policies, what they cover, and what makes them unique. Whether you own a rare collection of antique cars, a luxurious mansion, or a fine art collection, this article is for you.

What is High-Value Insurance?

High-value insurance is specialized insurance coverage that provides enhanced protection for valuable assets and possessions. These types of insurance policies are designed for items typically excluded from standard insurance policies, meaning that they require additional coverage. High-value insurance policies can cover a range of assets, including fine art, yachts, collectibles, and luxury homes.

Types of High-Value Insurance Policies

Various types of high-value insurance policies are available to provide enhanced coverage for unique assets. Some of the most common types include:

High-Value Homeowners Insurance: This type provides expanded coverage for luxury homes, including expensive furnishings, jewelry, and artwork. It also provides higher coverage limits, including extended replacement cost coverage and coverage for rebuilding costs.

Classic Car Insurance: Classic car insurance is designed for car enthusiasts who own a collection of classic or antique cars. This policy provides agreed-upon value coverage for your vehicle, meaning that you’ll receive the exact amount agreed upon rather than the car’s actual value.

Fine Art Insurance: Fine art insurance covers expensive artwork and antiques. It covers the cost of repairs or replacement in case of damage or loss, including damage from natural disasters or theft.

Jewelry Insurance: Jewelry insurance covers the loss or damage of expensive jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry pieces.

What Makes High-Value Insurance Unique?

High-value insurance policies are unique because they offer higher coverage limits than standard policies. For instance, standard homeowners’ insurance policies usually have a limit of $250,000 for dwelling coverage. In contrast, high-value homeowners’ insurance policies can provide coverage limits of up to $10 million, ensuring that your home and valuable possessions are fully protected.

Additionally, high-value insurance policies offer coverage for uncommon losses, such as damage from natural disasters or theft. These policies provide coverage for real or agreed-upon value, meaning that you’ll receive either the asset’s actual value or the previously agreed-upon value.

Who Needs High-Value Insurance?

High-value insurance is beneficial for anyone who owns valuable and irreplaceable assets. People who should consider high-value insurance include:

  • Homeowners with expensive homes or unique architectural features.
  • Car collectors with rare or antique cars.
  • Art collectors with an expensive and valuable collection.
  • Individuals with costly or unique jewelry.

High-value insurance offers customizable insurance policies tailored to each policyholder, providing individualized protection for people’s unique requirements.

Protecting it with high-value insurance is essential no matter what type of valuable asset you own. A standard insurance policy may not cover the loss or damage to your valuable investment, leaving you in a tough spot. High-value insurance policies offer enhanced coverage limits and protection against uncommon losses, ensuring you’re covered in unexpected damage or loss.

If you’re interested in high-value insurance, contact NE Insure for a custom quote or assessment and tailor the policy to fit your needs. With the right high-value insurance policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets are fully protected.


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