Keep Your Car Running Smoothly This Summer!

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly This Summer!

August is almost here and officially the hottest month of the year. With the sweltering heat and long road trips, giving your car extra attention during summer is essential. These simple tips ensure a safer driving experience and extend your vehicle’s life.

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Battery Maintenance:

Car batteries are prone to failure during summer due to the high temperatures. Keeping an eye on your car’s battery during this season is crucial. Always ensure the terminals are clean and corrosion-free, and regularly check the battery’s water levels. Having your battery tested at a certified auto shop or dealership before your summer road trip is also a good idea. By doing this, you can avoid the headache of a dead battery during your vacation.

Tire Maintenance:

Summer heat can also raise tire pressure, making them more vulnerable to damage and blowouts. Therefore, checking your tires regularly, including your spare tire, is essential. Make sure the tire pressure is at the right level, and prevent the tire’s tread wear. When the tread wears off, it’s a sign that the tires need replacement. Additionally, hot summer pavement can overheat tires and cause breakdowns, so it’s a good practice to park your car in a shaded area whenever possible.

Checking Your Vehicle’s Coolant:

Overheating is one of the top reasons for car breakdowns during summer. Therefore, ensuring that the engine’s cooling system is functioning properly is vital. The coolant protects the engine from overheating in hot weather and freezing temperatures during winter. To prevent your engine from overheating in summer, frequently check the coolant level and fluid quality. Top off your coolant if it’s low, or consider replacing it if it’s aged or contaminated.

Keep summer heat from putting a damper on your road trips or leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Proper vehicle maintenance is crucial in ensuring safety and avoiding costly repairs. This post reviewed three summer vehicle maintenance tips: battery maintenance, tire maintenance, and checking your vehicle’s coolant. With these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to a smooth and stress-free driving experience.

Finally, happy and safe travels this summer! In case of any concerns regarding your auto insurance coverage, feel free to contact Northeast-Metrowest Insurance for assistance.

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