Is Business Liability the Same as General Liability?

Is Business Liability the Same as General Liability?

To run a successful business, you need to have the proper insurance. Business liability insurance is one of the most useful insurance products a business owner can have. Many business owners choose to purchase general liability insurance instead, but is business liability the same as general liability?

What is Business Liability Insurance?

Business liability insurance often includes business income insurance with commercial property insurance to help cover multiple needs. Business income insurance will help replace lost income in the case of a temporary shutdown, and commercial property insurance will help protect expensive property and equipment you may have acquired due to your business needs.

What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance usually only provides coverage for damage or injuries that your business causes to a third party. It will not cover damage to your business or employees. This type of insurance is often the go-to for business owners, but unfortunately, it does not provide full coverage. Additional coverage should be reviewed with a business insurance agent, to help protect your business.

The Best Decision for You

Purchasing the right insurance all depends on the kind of business you have and what assets you want to protect. Many insurance policies do not have everything you are looking for all bundled into one policy, and you may have to purchase additional insurance so you are not at risk. If you have many employees, expensive commercial equipment, and business property, you should definitely talk with one of our Representatives at Metrowest – Northeast Insurance Agency so we can find the best solution for you at the right cost.

If you are trying to decide between purchasing business liability and general liability insurance, you will most likely end up buying a combination of both. Both of these types of insurance have different positive aspects to offer. For example, general liability insurance usually comes with product protection, which is essential to have if a product you have created causes someone harm.

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