Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Summer brings everyone and their pets outdoors to play, but the higher temperatures can make it dangerous. Spending time with them outside creates strong bonds and is lots of fun yet it is important to keep your pet safe, cool and happy during the summer months. Keep reading to learn more about keeping your pet healthy.

Keep Them Hydrated

Just like people, pets need to drink water. This is especially true during the hot weather. In order to have your pet drink more, mix wet food in with their dry food as it contains water. Keep water bowls clean and give them fresh water each day. Dogs usually enjoy drinking water from their water bowls, however, cats do not always enjoy drinking from bowls. Run water in the sink and allow your cat to drink from it as they enjoy running water. 

Be Careful When Exercising

As the middle of the day can become very hot, keep your pet indoors during those hours. Take your pets out early in the morning or later in the evening when it is cooler. Keep your pet indoors during the heat of the day and stay alert for signs of heat exhaustion.

Cool Down an Overheated Pet

If your pet is displaying signs of heat exhaustion (dry gums, excessive panting and higher temperature) then you need to cool them down immediately. Wet a towel and wrap it around them. Wet their feet and make sure that they are in a shaded area. Make sure that they are drinking plenty of water.

Do Not Leave A Pet in the Car

A parked car with the windows up can reach dangerously hot temperatures. Do not leave your pet inside as they can suffer heat exhaustion, or if left too long, they can die. Keep your pets home when traveling.

Cover Their Paws

Asphalt becomes scorching hot during the day and can stay hot even during the evening. Your pet’s paws are sensitive and can be burned from walking on hot pavement. To prevent this from happening, have your pet wear booties or paw pads.

Keep your pets safe and healthy this summer by keeping them out of the heat and well hydrated. We hope you find this information helpful, check us out at Northeast-Metrowest Insurance Agency.

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