Spring clean up is a great time for a property assessment

Spring is in the air and for many residents, it’s moving time. Homeowners and property managers alike often take advantage of the warmer temperatures and fresh air to give their properties a thorough deep cleaning and complete all routine annual maintenance.
Spring is the time of year to budget additional funds for carpet cleaning, painting, cleaning supplies and general repairs and maintenance in your facility maintenance budget. You will also need to schedule everything with care to avoid conflicts with the new tenant interviews, background checks, and additional bank runs that are essential to moving people in and out of your property. Here are some tips for making your Spring Clean Up a quick and easy success.

  1. Check Your Rooftops
    Missing sections, broken or loose shingles, and any other winter damage should be noted for repair.
  2. Paved Areas
    Make a note of any potholes in the parking lot that need to be patched, as well as any broken curbs or sidewalks. Seasonal or annual damage due to extreme temperatures is common in areas with frigid or arctic winter conditions.
  3. Fix It Quick, Or Pay Extra Later
    When you discover a repair needs to be made, don’t wait to fix the problem. It will only cost more to fix later, and many weather-related repairs can be claimed and reimbursed through your property insurance policy.
  4. Check Gutters/Downspouts
    All drainage equipment installed on the building should be directing water away from the structure. Make sure all your gutters and downspouts are functioning and flowing properly, and clean them out as necessary.
  5. Trees and Shrubbery
    Limbs and branches should be trimmed so there are at least five feet of clearance between trees and the building, and at least five feet between shrubs and edge of the roofline. Well trimmed trees and shrubs promote ventilation and dry conditions, preventing potential damage due to standing water or restricted airflow.
  6. Filters
    Swap out all the filters in your HVAC units. Dirty filters force HVACs to work harder and use more electricity and drive up your energy costs. Wash and dry reusable filters according to directions, and replace all disposable units with clean filters.
  7. HVAC Check
    You want to know for a fact that all air conditioning is working properly well before the first hot day of the spring and summer season. This also allows you to get your HVAC system serviced before it sees heavy use in the summer months.
  8. Caulking/Seals
    Proper seals around doors and windows not only help keep your building cooler or warmer depending on your HVAC settings, but it also prevents excess moisture from creeping the cracks and causing mold or mildew damage.
  9. Windows
    Clean windows put a nice finishing touch on living space. Get them cleaned professionally once a year to keep your building or units looking fresh.
  10. Tax Assessments
    Is your property up for a property tax value reassessment? Check every spring season, and be sure you are familiar with local exemptions and exceptions. Knowing the local tax code and appealing your property’s assessment can be instrumental in keeping more of your hard-earned investment revenue returns annually.

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