Top 5 Holiday Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe this Season

The holiday season is upon us and in full swing! At Northeast-MetroWest Insurance, we want to keep your family happy and celebrating this holiday which is why we wanted to provide you safety tips to consider making sure that you and your loved ones have the best holiday ever. 

  1. Christmas Trees

We all love the holiday tree that our family gathers by Christmas morning. However, if you are purchasing a live tree, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Make sure your tree is set up far enough away from your fireplace, radiators, and all other heat sources. Keep your tree watered and fully hydrated to make sure that your decoration doesn’t become a fire hazard.

2. Holiday Lights 

Holiday lighting around the house is one of the best parts of the season, but to keep your lights merry and bright, take into consideration these guidelines. When stringing your lights, make sure that there are no frayed cords, loose connections, or too many lights plugged into one outlet. To avoid a Griswold Christmas disaster, be sure to unplug the string of lights when replacing a bulb and to turn off all holiday lights when going to bed or leaving your home. 

3. Security

The holiday season is full of cheer and time spent together and the time where the most theft happens. Be sure to lock all doors and windows, keep your security system on when not home or going to bed, and when leaving home to keep a TV or indoor lights (on a timer) on until you return.

4. Poinsettias and Tinsel

Poinsettias help to complete the holiday with their beautiful red color. Despite these plants being a beautiful decoration, be sure to keep them out of reach of any pets or little ones as consuming these plants can be harmful. Tinsel is gorgeous to add to your tree; however, it has less than beautiful reactions when consumed. Make sure to keep tinsel out of young ones’ and pets’ reach as it can lead to vomiting, rashes, and other harmful symptoms that could ruin your holiday. 

5. Fireplaces

Lighting a fire in your fireplace is a great way to keep your family warm and add to the festive ambiance, so here are some tips to consider when preparing to light a fire. Remove all decorations from the area, including above the fireplace. Always check to make sure the flue is open, and never use wrapping paper to keep the fire going, as it can sometimes lead to a flash fire. 

We can always try our best to prevent any problems, especially this time of year, but despite our best efforts, sometimes accidents and things happen, which is why we are here to help! Our Homeowner’s Insurance can help to cover when life turns upside down, especially with theft, fire, water damage, and falling items. You may even qualify for a special discount that can help you and your family! To check our different options and to learn more, click HERE. 

At Northeast-MetroWest Insurance, we wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday! We look forward to seeing you in the new year! 

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