Which Drivetrain Works for Me?

Which Drivetrain Works for Me?

Which Drivetrain Works for Me?

When driving in New England, or anywhere for that matter, it’s important to have a drivetrain that best suits your driving needs. You don’t want to end up on the side of the road with an RWD drivetrain, or an AWD drivetrain where the traction is not needed. You may ask yourself, “Which drivetrain works for me?”. Well, the best way to find that out is to continue reading.

Front-wheel Drive (FWD)

A front-wheel drive is one of the most efficient drivetrains. In New England, there is quite heavy snowfall during the colder months. So this drivetrain might not be the best choice for you. Front-wheel drives are for commuters that live in a location of low amounts of snow and rain.

FWD even provides better gas mileage on the highway. Highway driving in southern New England, where the plowing is pretty good, would be fine for front-wheel drivetrains. This is great if you want something efficient and practical. 

Rear-wheel Drive (RWD)

Rear-wheel drives see the power of the engine routed to the rear wheels. This will provide better traction for New England drivers that pull heavy loads. Keep in mind that it’ll also provide less traction when on slippery roads.

RWD balances the car’s weight evenly front to rear, therefore, helping to improve the handling. If you’re a New England driver looking for a lot of power and sporty handling then an RWD might be the one for you.

All-wheel Drive (AWD)

An AWD feeds the power to all of the wheels. This is perfect for areas that have occasional snow and rain. It’s specifically great for when driving on grass, mud or sand and sloppy road conditions. If you live in New England and are looking for a commuter car with good mileage, an AWD with 4 cylinders might best suit your needs.

Four-wheel Drive (4WD)

A 4WD will give you the best grip when driving on the road in snowy conditions. It provides heavy-duty traction. You can use this in off-roading and other extreme circumstances. You cannot drive on dry pavement with a four-wheel drive. Otherwise, it’ll damage your drivetrain.

If you are a contractor in New England, driving on non-paved services for construction, you may need a four-wheel drive. A 4WD is for those of you needing something rugged and truly tough.


When purchasing your next vehicle, don’t forget to consider the drivetrain. Now instead of asking yourself “Which drivetrain works for me?”, you can prepare to get a vehicle with the drivetrain you now know suits you best. For more information, get a quote for both personal automobile insurance and commercial automobile insurance today!

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