Who Needs an Umbrella Policy?

It can be challenging to decide on any insurance policy. That much is known to be true, especially when some leave you vulnerable in certain areas.

That’s where an umbrella policy is key. An umbrella policy can provide protection where your homeowners and auto policies leave off– providing you peace of mind in case the unexpected happens.

In other words, it can fill the gaps left by another policy. Talk with a Representative to thoroughly review where these gaps are.

But who needs an umbrella policy? If you do any of the following 14 activities listed below, it could be you.

Consider an umbrella policy if you…

  1. Drive your own car.
  1. Walk your dog in or around your neighborhood or local park.
  1. Have children that drive their own car or yours.
  1. Carpool with other families that you know.
  1. Have babysitters watch over your children, or you watch your friends’ children.
  1. Often entertain friends and family in your home.
  1. Use social media, or your child does.
  1. Allow the children of friends to spend time at your house.
  1. Own vehicles like motorcycles, boats, jet skis, or golf carts
  1. Own a trampoline or swimming pool.
  1. Often hire someone to plow your driveway or cut your lawn.
  1. Order things online and have the packages delivered to your home.
  1. Serve on a board or volunteer.
  1. Umpire, coach or referee youth sports.

The bottom line.

These are all everyday things– nothing out of the ordinary.

Yet, these are just a few situations where an umbrella policy can help protect your safety and interests! So, the question, “who needs an umbrella policy?” is wrong. In reality, the appropriate question to ask yourself is, “who doesn’t need an umbrella policy?”

In the modern world, the odds that your life doesn’t involve one or more of these activities is essentially nil. With that being the case, you need to stay safe by considering an umbrella policy. If you choose not to, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to a myriad of risks and not only yourself but also the ones in your family. So don’t hesitate. If you are interested in discussing how an umbrella policy can protect your family reach out to Metro West North East Insurance Agency.

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